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Dear Mom: 8 Things Adopted Children Want Their Biological Mothers To Understand About The Adoption Process

05 November

The process of giving your baby up for adoption can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to deal with the paperwork, court appointments, and medical and financial impacts of your decision, but there is also an emotional toll that this adoption process can take on biological mothers. Here are eight things that adopted children […]

Two Memorable Projects To Incorporate Into Your Bridal Shower Festivities

03 November

Your bridal shower is typically the last chance you’ll have to get together with your friends and loved ones before you become a married woman. So it’s the perfect opportunity to make the occasion one that you and your guests will never forget. Here are two memorable projects to incorporate into your event that will […]

Understanding The Basics Of Atheism, And Why Not All Atheists Are The Same

29 October

According to the Center for Inquiry, approximately 20% of Americans do not identify with any religion. Yet, individuals within this 20% do not all share the same views, even if they all refuse to identify with a traditional religion. For example, an atheist lives a non-religious lifestyle, but not all atheists have the same code […]

Four Ways To Help Children During Post-Traumatic Holiday Stress

29 October

For many children, dealing with traumatic events like injuries, placements, and sadness can be heightened if these events occur near holidays like Christmas. Instead of just letting the post-traumatic stress affect a child, there are four solutions to help cope and manage these emotional issues. Identifying Triggers If something traumatic happened to a child during […]